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Either if you want to book dada in any of its formats -from museum installation to house concert- or if you want to collaborate or just in need for any specific information, feel free to contact me trough the form or at  j [at]



Frequently Asked Questions

That stuff that is usually asked plus some stuff no one actually ever wonder but I still want to clarify :p

Who is behind this?

Juan Carrizo is an independent musician, multi instrumentalist Live Looping Artist and Rock guitarist living between his hometown in Patagonia Argentina and Mexico City.

Proud member of ZiX -Lebanon-, Anna Fiori -México-, Advent Lupus -Norway- and Miasma Theory -USA-, funder of AlterEgo Audiovisual Collective and co-funder of health related NGO JA! -Argentina-

His credentials include, besides music, filmmaking and a sound postproduction degrees. He has taken courses with such talented people as Leo Sujatovich, Pino Marrone, Gary Burton and Alan Parsons.

He is always looking forward to collaborate with other artists -musicians or not-.

Can dada perform on my private event?

Yes, of course. We just need to coordinate when and go through the technical rider and logistics of how to move the whole thing. Get in touch and we find the best way to do it. 

How can you tour with all that stuff?

Well its not as confortable as I would like to but it can be done. I can fit almost everything on carry on luggage. On occasions I might need to get some of the gear at the destination.

I´m a fellow looper. Can I have some help setting up my gear?

My pleasure! Hit me up and I will help with whatever I can. If you are around we can even meet and put our sets in motion together. If I´m not the one who can help, live looping tech wise, there is quite a bunch of brains around dada so chances are someone near can figure it out 🙂

Where are you?

dada works as a plataform with no borders. Juan resides mostly in Mexico City and travells to Argentina, USA, Germany and Lebanon regulary