dada: live looping meets interactive real time generated motion graphics

The visual aspect of dada is in constant development, depending on the performance theme and stage.

There has been some custom made ones like the one featuring Leris Oliviera paiting and the concert for the 2019 World Bufo Alvarius Congress.

Below there is an historic tour through the  looks of this real time motion graphics other half of the live looping instument.

After that you can find Automata and two more songs, featuring a different style of visuals, deelopet for video instead of live shows. 

real time motion graphics

The visual evolution

So it begins

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Adivinen quien estrena el @leapmotion en la próxima fecha del #dadatour … #live #looping #music #motiongraphics #realtime

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2015 / 2016

The first aproach to real time motion graphics using Vizzable for Live.


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Opa! Parece que salen visuales nuevas para el @bizarro_cafe #dadatour #livemusic #visualart #realtime #guitar #improvisation

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2016 / 2017

An animated canvas by the brazilian artist Leris Oliviera. Mostly use along with hang drum sounds


2017 / 2018

In the quest for new opportunities in real time manipulation of the visual counterpart of dada.

The box


Exploring the box-ish aesthetic for the Y2K International Live Looping festival. I also keep it for #dadalive streaming that year.


Bufo Alvarius


Custom visuals for the WBAC 2019. An amazing experience Mexico City´s World Trade Center.